Early-morning experimentation

When I refer to the print as being “crumby,” that spelling is better applied to cookie crumbs. In the light of day, the spelling might better be “crummy.” Nevertheless, the print is of questionable quality, but it provided a pleasant exercise. • The lettering on the Gampi paper was fastened to the print with UHU stic, an archival glue stick (bright-yellow tube) as was the postage stamp.


Tinkering in the early morning

It appears that I reached into my recycling bin, pulled out a printing quote, and did some lettering on the back of it, with a bit of collage and glue-stick action for fun! Smiling here. Doing something—ANYTHING—is better than not starting at all. Get going! Make discoveries! Have fun!

The fresh new year

This comment from Ralph Waldo Emerson has such vibrancy and confidence. I don’t know, of course, about the tenor of your days, but mine don’t usually contain “blunders and absurdities” —just the usual interruptions, distractions, and errors, accompanied by hopefulness for a more productive, rewarding tomorrow.

Women’s Art Festival

most wonderful time of year

Please arrange your errands and merrymaking to include the outstanding Women’s Art Festival this Saturday, Dec. 10, from 9:30 to 4:30. The spirit of this event, the quality of work, the ebullience of the 129 fellow women artists, the music, the refreshments—they all just get more wonderful each year.

Parking is easy in the Wells Fargo lot a short block north of the event that is located in the bright gym at the Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center on 4th Avenue, just north of Lake St. in south Mpls.

I hope to see you on Saturday and wish you a most merry and meaningful holiday season! Pack your car with pals or come on your own. It is a convivial event.

2016 postcard copy.pages

Inspiration from a friend

My friend Sandra Brick, a textile artist, mailed to me this note card she made. I really appreciate the quote, but I also admire Sandra’s choice of a bold, serif type font that almost bursts beyond the borders of the card while contrasting so surely with the organic pattern Sandra has created somehow—by dyeing or painting—? Sandra is so inventive, you just never know what she’ll think of to illustrate an idea through her fiber-related ingenuity.


After living with this card for a while, I decided to use the same quote for a little “lettering without a net.” I found a print near the top of the scrap pile, selected a pen, and lettered right on the print; no practicing, just doing it. I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation at the daring nature of this method, especially because this usually occurs before daybreak when one’s consciousness is more vulnerable than it will be at high noon. I will also admit that the results are not always worth looking at more than once. But the exhilaration of messing around with profound thoughts and bright colors in the early morning admittedly provides a vigorous start for the day.

go confidently_thoreau

From friends

My friends enrich me in so many ways. Among the scraps of paper stashed in my second desk drawer was the green card stock shown below. It’s the back of a note card sent by a neighborhood friend. I saved the front image and am repurposing the back by noodling/lettering a quote. The quote followed the signature on another friend’s email. How fortunate I am to receive such inspiration from friends!

sathya sai baba_spp

Celebrating 10 creative years

fine craft sale 2016Ten years ago, my neighborhood friend, photographer Lisa Lardy, asked if I’d be interested in showing and selling my nature prints and note cards. Although some friends and I had participated in the Uptown Art Fair as teenagers (long ago), I hadn’t shown or sold work in decades. Great idea, I responded, and away we went.

We each invited fellow artists to join the fun. Lisa, who’s also an interior designer, and her husband Jay, magically transformed the first floor of their home into a gallery. We pelted our neighborhood with flyers and each artist invited friends and family. Lisa set up tempting refreshments in her kitchen, and a tradition was hatched.

More than 100 neighbors and friends swarmed through Lisa and Jay’s home at that first “artists’ boutique” in 2007. At the end of the day, we were exhausted but ebullient.

The tradition continues, now at the home of jeweler Bridget Clark. Everything about this fine-craft holiday sale is first rate, starting with the artists themselves—and their work, of course, and the refreshments, and the fun. Please stop by and be a part of that fun—and of history.



Another attempt at learning and doing…


Bees, butterflies, and art

Yes, it’s hot. So, to distract yourself, why not put on your skimpiest clothes, pack your car with pals, and zoom over to St. Paul? Take in the ninth-annual art sale and garden tour hosted by Paul and Susan Damon. Admire the art. Make a leaf print to take home. Sip a refreshing beverage. Gaze in wonder at the bees and butterflies that flap nonstop in the Damons’ certified Monarch butterfly waystation/native-plant paradise.

Susan and Paul Damon's native-plant garden/Monarch butterfly waystation garden surrounds their home at 355 Cleveland Ave. North, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Susan and Paul Damon’s native-plant garden/Monarch butterfly waystation surrounds their home on a corner in St. Paul, Minnesota.

355 Cleveland Avenue North, St. Paul, 55104—less than three blocks north of Marshall Avenue/Lake Street—oh so close to Izzy’s Ice Cream Café, 2034 Marshall Avenue.

Friday, July 22, 2016, 5–9 p.m.
Saturday, July 23, 1–5 p.m.

Paul Damon: Oil & watercolor paintings



Liz Carlson: Paintings & jewelry


Liz Carlson's earrings are created from Chiyogami paper from Wet Paint Artists' Materials & Framing on Grand Ave. in St. Paul.

Liz Carlson’s earrings are created from Chiyogami paper from Wet Paint Artists’ Materials & Framing on Grand Ave. in St. Paul.


Erik Espeland: Watercolors & buttons



Sue Filbin: Nature prints & note cards

You will love this garden, the art, the artists, & the gardeners. We look forward to seeing (hot) you & your pals! This is my favorite outdoor art-related event. I’ll be in the backyard, in the shade of the garage.

A collage-style print of prairie smoke.

A collage-style print of prairie smoke.


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