Landscape Revival

One never knows what the weather will be like here in Minnesota on the first Saturday in June. However, we can count on having an enriching time at the Landscape Revival, held again at the Cub pavilion on Larpenteur Avenue West and North Fernwood Streeet in Roseville, MN.

This year, on June 3, 2017, 11 native plant nurseries will bring to the event their sturdy, affordable, diverse native plants along with their invaluable advice for planting and nurturing them. It’s the best venue I know for saving time and money while shopping dazzling possibilities for native plants.

Along with the nurseries are sponsors and exhibitors that are all related to our shared environment, and to birds and their habitat, conservation, pollinators, and education about these absorbing topics.

At Sue Prints Plants, I will guide guests as they print a leaf or sprout to take home as refrigerator art—or perhaps framable art! My friend, Lynn, will join me again to sell note cards that are reproductions of prints I’ve made from actual plants. It’s great fun to be able to show people a print from a mature specimen of the small plants they purchase at the event.

Please stop by to make a print as we celebrate our fifth year as participants at this uplifting event.

My friend Lynn, right, sells my note cards and the outstanding book on nature printing co-written by my teacher Sonja Larsen and John Doughty, a prolific printer who is a fellow member of the Nature Printing Society. On the other side of the table, I guide guests to making their own print to take home.




An inspiring quote from “The Talmud”

From “The Talmud”: The whole worth of a kind deed lies in the love that inspires it.

Inspiration from a friend

My friend Sandra Brick, a textile artist, mailed to me this note card she made. I really appreciate the quote, but I also admire Sandra’s choice of a bold, serif type font that almost bursts beyond the borders of the card while contrasting so surely with the organic pattern Sandra has created somehow—by dyeing or painting—? Sandra is so inventive, you just never know what she’ll think of to illustrate an idea through her fiber-related ingenuity.

After living with this card for a while, I decided to use the same quote for a little “lettering without a net.” I found a print near the top of the scrap pile, selected a pen, and lettered right on the print; no practicing, just doing it. I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation at the daring nature of this method, especially because this usually occurs before daybreak when one’s consciousness is more vulnerable than it will be at high noon. I will also admit that the results are not always worth looking at more than once. But the exhilaration of messing around with profound thoughts and bright colors in the early morning admittedly provides a vigorous start for the day.

Messing around—again

The script may have been done with a R-2 Rollerball pen from Dollar Tree (2 for $1, unfortunately not archival). The square and circle and large swirl were done with a Pentel Color Brush, Steel Blue #117; the tiny blue swirls with a Copic Multi Liner 0.1, blue. The pale green stars were made with a hand-cut wine-bottle cork and green stamp pad. The pale symbol for “Wisdom” is a rubber stamp, a gift from my nature-printing teacher Sonja Larsen. A torn piece of “Bangkok News” paper is adhered to the bottom of the piece with UHU stic adhesive. All supplies except the pen from Dollar Tree are from Wet Paint on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN.



A reminder about resolve

Print of smoke bush leaves (Cotinus) from the Anacardiaceae, which is related to sumac. • Are you able to read the quote from Franz Kafka? “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

Poetic inspiration

Early-morning process

Early-morning experimentation

When I refer to the print as being “crumby,” that spelling is better applied to cookie crumbs. In the light of day, the spelling might better be “crummy.” Nevertheless, the print is of questionable quality, but it provided a pleasant exercise. • The lettering on the Gampi paper was fastened to the print with UHU stic, an archival glue stick (bright-yellow tube) as was the postage stamp.


Tinkering in the early morning

It appears that I reached into my recycling bin, pulled out a printing quote, and did some lettering on the back of it, with a bit of collage and glue-stick action for fun! Smiling here. Doing something—ANYTHING—is better than not starting at all. Get going! Make discoveries! Have fun!


The fresh new year

This comment from Ralph Waldo Emerson has such vibrancy and confidence. I don’t know, of course, about the tenor of your days, but mine don’t usually contain “blunders and absurdities” —just the usual interruptions, distractions, and errors, accompanied by hopefulness for a more productive, rewarding tomorrow.

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