Fresh Art Studio Tour 2017

Pack your vehicle with pals and soar across the border to western Wisconsin where you can joyfully tour 17 inspiring art studios and galleries. I will be at site 12 with family—my inventive step-brother John who can build or fix anything and his creative wife Kaye whose talents in anything artistic, musical, or related to hospitality are boundless.

Stop by to enjoy Kaye’s paintings and ceramic wonders, Pat’s jewelry, Mark’s raku, and my nature prints. Print a leaf, make a raku piece, shop, relax, and have something to eat and drink. The chickens will roam, the flowers will bloom, the wind will blow, and the portable toilet will have time for you.

The front of the brochure for the Fresh Art Studio Tour, fall 2017.

The photo from the Fresh Art Studio Tour website—the glorious Mississippi River valley, looking south along Wisconsin highway 35.


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